Natural Lagoon And Beaches at Tinajo

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Playa de La Santa (also called Ria de La Santa)


Playa De La Santa


It is only one of two beaches in the district of Tinajo. Located on the “Isleta” in a natural lagoon. La Santa houses one of the major sports and recreation centers in Lanzarote the “La Santa Club”. It is almost 1 kms long and about 12 meters wide. It has white fine grain sand.

The strong winds that descend from the north coast of Africa over the calm quiet waters make it a good place for diving and windsurfing.

The beach is quiet away from the hustle bustle. Further there are no special services available at the beach. It is ideal for a quiet getaway.


Teneza Beach


It is a small naturally formed beach. This beach is covered with Black Volcanic Sand and pebbles.  The beach is very windy with strong waves.  The beach is only 90 meters long and by 6 m. wide and is located in a rural setting. It is popular with surfers.

Parking is easily available.




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