Surfing Capital of Europe, Lanzarote

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Lanzarote is the surfing capital of Canary Islands. It is in fact considered as one of the best places in the world for windsurfing. The North East  trade winds on the island are constant and regular, so you can practice windsurfing in any season throughout the year.



The island has perfect conditions for surfing these ideal conditions have made Lanzarote one of the venues for the World Championship trials of the Professional Windsurfing Association (PWA). The Costa Teguise zone have great conditions for windsurfing, pleasant temperatures, frequent trade winds, good facilities and several specialized schools along the coast can help you take your first steps or broaden your knowledge of this spectacular sport – Wind surfing.

Lanzarote with its location in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is a perfect setting for windsurfing lovers. The beauty of the beaches of Lanzarote is that within the small distance you have beaches suitable for all types of surfers. Experts, Intermediate or even Beginners.


Following is the list of some of the popular beaches for surfing


Los Jameos                   For Expert Surfers  – 5 Star Rating

If you are a good windsurfer and have your own equipment, Lanzarote is full of very good spots. If you are an expert surfer then head for Jameos del Agua in the northeast of the island.

Jameos del Agua is without doubt one of the toughest surf spots in lanzarote and is really for the technically proficient. The waves break in multiple sections over the volcanic reef. To reach a take off site, you’ll have to cross rough volcanic terrain, so be advised to wear suitable footwear. Finally, watch out for the shore break, and when the tide heads out, the waves and currents can get pretty hectic.  The north wind does not usually blow very hard in Jameos, and does not always coincide with the best waves, so this spot is considered mainly a spot for surfing the waves, and not always to jump. Access to water is a corridor of sand in the middle of the lava, which is exposed at low tide, but at high tide it is underwater.

For these reasons the spot is recommended for experienced wind surfers only. Jameos is the reference of the island if we talk about waves. The spot is located on the beach, just below one of the most visited places on the island, the Los Jameos de Agua. This is the ultimate surf spot on the island


Playa de Famara            For Intermediate Surfers  –   4 Star Rating


Famara on the west coast is a great place for wave riders. Perhaps the most beautiful beach on the island in natural settings. Located at the north of the west side of Lanzarote, Famara is a long beach at the foot of a dramatic cliff. It gives the spot a majestic appearance and shows the power of nature. To navigate in windsurfing is not very suitable for the wind that rarely rises to F-3 level, but it is a perfect spot for kite surfing. Sea wind of 8-10 knots on most days, long sandy beach, surfable waves, not many swimmers make it an ideal beach for the intermediate users.


Playa de Las Cucharas    For Intermediate Surfers  –   4 Star Rating


This is the reference point of the island for windsurfing. It has achieved international reputation as home of the World Championship windsurfing from the beginning of the 1990´s and even today continues to be held in mid-July each year.

The beach of Las Cucharas in Costa Teguise where the World Championships have been held are the best-known spots in Lanzarote for wind surfing. It is very popular as the trade winds blow side-shore, picking up in the afternoon. This is also the place where you can find almost all the major windsurfing schools located.

This place is a little saturated at times with a lot of surfers which can be a down side for some, but on the other hand for this very reason it offers a lot of security and safety to surfers by the presence of school staff, life guards and their rescue service.


Playa de Los Charcos     For Intermediate / Expert surfers – 3 Star Rating


This small bay located north of Las Cucharas is known for the wave that rises between the two jetties at the point of exit to the open sea. When there is low tide, a wave of quality perfectly oriented to jump and surf. The wave that sometimes comes attached to spring that closes the bay to the left, it’s interesting to ride it on the front side. Usually less crowded than Las Cucharas and quieter for navigating from the shore.


Los Pocillos                         For  Beginners – 2 Star Rating


Just above Puerto del Carmen, this beach is ideal for beginners with the gentle northeast wind. The sea is flat and the wind is softer than further north. Although sometimes, when the trade winds here comes hard, it creates some high waves.


Playa Blanca                     For  Beginners – 2 Star Rating

Located at the southern tip of Lanzarote with great white sand beaches and closest to Fuerteventura. The trade winds usually blow often however gently and this beach is ideal for beginners.


Playa de Matagorda           For  Beginners – 2 Star Rating


Matagorda, just north of Puerto del Carmen also has favorable conditions providing flat water with “bump and jump” conditions.

Matagorda Beach, is located at the south of the airport. It is lesser windy than the Northern beaches of the island. This makes the beach  very suitable for those who are more relaxed surfing holiday or for even the beginners. The beach is protected by a rocky barrier that cuts the waves and the wind nearer the shore. It is however breezy throughout the year. The beauty of this beach is that it is not crowded.

The wind conditions at their most consistent during the Summer months, May, June, July and August


Courses for beginners / Inter mediate / Experts


Generally 5 sessions are given of 1.5 – 2 hours each. The price for the course varies from Euro 120 to Euro 400

Just to give you an idea of the prevailing charges for surfing / kite surfing lessons we are giving you an orientation of the prices they charge for coaching :


Windsurf camp

Price per person      

5 days of Class        300€



School of Surf 

Price per person      

1 day school (5 hours with picnic)            40€

5 days (25 hours, picnic, photos y diploma)        180€

10 days (50 hours picnic, photos y diploma)      360€


Kite Surf Courses Prices

Beginner, Intermediate and advanced Kite courses at Famara beach

Complete Kite Surf Course            4 Days     (12h)        355€/person

1 Day Kite Surf Course  Any level            3h       90€/person

2 Day Kite Surf Course  Any level            6h       180€/person

3 Day Kite Surf Course Any level              9h      270€/person

Rent of Material

 1 Day –          1 Week

Bodyboards   6€        35€

Surf Board     9€        50€

Manal padel surf: (9´0 y 8´4)          25€     150€


For your reference we are giving the names of a few Surfing schools.

Island Centre sports. Urbanisation El Cable, Arrecife, Lanzarote.

Costa Noreste,  Caleta de Famara . Teléfono: + 34 928 528 597

Windsurfing Lanzarote Paradise. C / La Corvina, 8, Playa de las Cucharas, Costa Teguise, Lanzarote.

 Wind Surf Paradise

 Windsurfing Club Las Cucharas, CC las Maretas nº 2, Calle Marajo, 35508 Costa Teguise

 Windsurfing Club Nathalie Simon C.C. Las Maretas – local 2 (C/ Marrajo – Playa de las Cucharas), Costa Teguise

Tel: +34 928.590.731


Paracraft Lanzarote  Pila de la Barrilla, s/n. Playa Chica, Puerto del Carmen, Tias,  Tel: +34 928.512.661


For Hiring all kinds of Surfing gears ask the Surfing school close to your school or you can also check at an Equipment hiring company  surfing and kayaking. Call  928 590 862 / 928 346 022.


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