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Shopping at Arrecife, Lanzarote can be a very pleasant experience. You will find a mix of designer and big brand shops such as Zara, Ikea etc. Arrecife has infact undergone a complete transformation from old shops to now having designer stores with reputed National & International labels for clothes, shoes, and perfume.

Apart from these large chain stores Arrecife also has  a number of small bazars selling all kinds of products. Perfumes, Electronics, and Souvenir shops making your buying experience be quite a pleasant.

The main shopping areas in Arrecife include the streets of Calle José Antonio, Canalejas and Calle Fajardo, the main shops are present along the Calle León y Castillo, which is known locally as the Calle Real. Tiendas Especializada has a big store in this store with its own parking and Super market Hiperdino. Several designer labels such as Zara etc have their shop there too. All these street are for just pedestrian which is great as one can walk on the stone floor streets, have a cup of coffee or have lunch in one of the many restaurants which line up the street if tired to take some rest before shopping more.

During week days the shops are open from around 09:00 hours to 09:30 hours until around 14.00 hours. They close for siesta for about 3 hours and re-open for the evening shift between 16:30 to 17.00 hours to close around – 20.00 hours. On Saturdays opening hours are approximately from 09.00 to 14.00.

Arrecife´s  special flea market is a recent addition and is held on every Saturday between 09:00 hours to 16:00 hours where you can find local food, handicraft, clothes etc all at a bargain.

Shopping at Arrecife


Lanzarote is a paradise with good climate, beaches and it also offers the best in shopping be it window shopping or planned shopping. Lanzarote has a wealth of boutiques, souvenir shops, small bazaars to high end designer boutiques & shopping malls.

Added to the variety of shopping choices is the low VAT regime of Canary Islands (currently only 7 %) which can result is substantial saving. July – Aug and 7th Jan to End Feb are the period in which most shops offers special discounts for these periods called “Rebajas” locally. However all year round you can get bargains.


Shopping Street At Arrecife


Tobacco, Liquor, Branded Perfumes, Clothes, Souvenirs are some of the popular tourist buying choices. These are on sales throughout the island at different stores. You can save substantially if you are coming from Mainland Europe due to the low VAT regime at Canary Islands.

Duty Free Allowances


Wine x 2 litres

Spirits 22% ABV plus x 1 litre

Spirits less than 22% ABV x 2 litres



Cigarettes x 200

Cigarillos x 100

Cigars x 50

Rolling Tobacco x 250gm


You will find a large number of electronic shops too throughout Arrecife. It should be noted that some electronic shops especially in the tourist areas are prone to cheating / bargaining. It would be better if you do some research and buy. Please be aware of your rights and in case you are not satisfied you can go the office of the Consumer Protection agency and complain. Their telephone number is (+34) 928 803367. They will act promptly to correct any wrong doing.

Visanta, Norty Sur, Millar are some big and reputed electronic dealers with fixed prices. There are some others such as Hnos Sam, Tiendas Especializada, Informatica Lanzarote who have good repute and will offer you a good variety and at a reasonable fixed marked price.


Electronics Shopping at Lanzarote


While shopping and paying by way of a Credit you would be asked for your passport or some official identification please do not feel offended as it is a Spanish norm for your own protection. Please note many shops may not accept your driving license as an official document as proof. It would be advisable to have your countries National Identity card or Passport along to avoid any inconvenience.

In general Lanzarote is fairly safe and carrying cash too is not a problem.

Good local buys

Apart from the usual if you are looking for something typical of Canary Islands you can consider locally handmade pottery, local lace or embroidered textiles, especially tablecloths and handkerchiefs. Aloe Vera plants and products, Africa art and craft also is widely available and sold.  Carved wooden articles, drums are sold. A smaller version of the guitar the timble is also available on sale. Canary Island people play the timble with many folk songs and dance. A few pearl and semi precious stones are also on sales locally which maybe a good buy for the ladies to take back.


Shopping in Playa Honda

Playa Honda is just a couple of kms from the capital on the way to the airport. Playa Honda is home to one of the largest shopping centers of the island – Deiland. It has designer boutiques, a super market and an array of shops for clothes, shoes, sports wear, perfumes, electronic goods. It also has a sprinkle of restaurants, cafés, a game centre and even cinema halls. Some international stores such as The Body Shop, Burger king etc are also present at the mall. The Shopping mall mostly caters to the local population rather than the tourist.


Deiland Shopping


Millar is amongst the large Electronic outlet selling all kinds of Consumer Electonic and Domestic Appliances.



Millar Shop, Deiland Shopping Centre


Arrecife, Costa Teguise and Puerto del Carmen are all directly connected by local public  bus service to Deiland.

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