Museum And Art Galleries At San Bartolome

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Casa Ajei

The Ajei house is a rectangular colonial house built in 1720. This stately home is located in San Bartolome. It was declared a national treasure after its restoration.  Unlike practically all white buildings in Lanzarote this building is yellow in colour and hence it stands out.

The construction of the house is designed in a Mediterranean and Arabic style. The roof is made up of Arabic tiles with 3 – 4 water colours. The large house has a rectangular  inner courtyard. It has traditional Canarian style wooden balconies and a loft with a ladder.

Currently Ajei House acts as an art gallery cum cultural center, it has several exhibition halls with several works of art.

Address:General Franco, s/n, San Bartolome

Phone:928 522974


Casa Mayor Guerra

This museum is actually a 18th century house belonging to Major Guerra.  Major Guerra was a Top military official  who held the post of Colonel Lieutenant Chief of Lanzarote. He simultaneously also held the position of Military Governor.

This stately building is square in shape with a large central courtyard and a cellar. The stone chimney and the stone work of the building stand out. The house also has the traditional Canarian wooden balcony with its beautiful, delicate design.

The family donated the house to the San Bartolome town hall with the understanding that the house would be restored in its full glory. It was opened for the general public as a museum in 1999.

The museum shows the typical architecture of Lanzarote. The house offers a permanent exhibition hall which depict all aspects of the Lanzarote society, politics, country environment, economic activities, from pre-Hispanic times to the present.

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 to 17:00 hours.

Entrance Price Euro 6, and Euro 3 for residents.

Address:Doctor Cerdeña Bethencourt 17, San Bartolomé

Phone:928 522351


Museo del Vino “El Grifo”


 El Grifo, wine museum is amongst the most visited in Canary Islands.

El Grifo is an internationally famous winery, it is amongst the oldest in full of Spain. The grapes are grown over 60 hectares family owned farm which grow grapes in an organic fashion. They harvest between  500.000-700.000 kg / year. Production: 400.000-600.000 bottles per year.


Hours :   10:30 a.m. to 7:00p.m. Daily (including bank holidays)  

Guided Tours:

Monday to Friday : 11:30 a.m. & 4:00p.m

Saturday & Sunday: 11:30 a.m. & 4:00 p.m

Address: La carretera LZ-30, Kilómetro 11, San Bartolome

Phone :  928 52 49 51


Museo Etnográfico Tanit

José Ferrer Perdomo and his painter wife, Quintana Reyes, have been the architects of this flagship project. The Ethnographic Museum Tanit was founded with the idea of safe guarding and showing the legacy of the ancient inhabitants of the island of Lanzarote.

The Ethnographic Museum Tanit is housed in the old cellars of a traditional Canarian eighteenth century, building.  The  museum is home to various goods and furnishings used by the ancestors of Lanzarote.

The museum also has a shop which stocks handicraft products of Lanzarote.

Agriculture and vine culture are the two key themes of the museum. The old farming and vine cultivation techniques are depicted. Some tools used for the purpose are on display also. 

The main block of the museum has a large collection of pottery and stone. Traditional colorful costumes for men and women, as well as several traditional musical instruments, the timple, lute and guitar.


Hours: Mon – Sat  10:00 to 14:00 hours. Closed on Bank Holidays & Festivals.

Address: C/ Constitución, 1 San Bartolomé



Casa Museo del Campesino, San Bartolome

Casa Museo del Campesino


This museum is a tribute to the farmers of Lanzarote by Cesar Manrique by the people of present day Lanzarote. The museum houses artesian objects used by farmers of the period. 

In its interior, the museum, a real tribute to the architecture, presents multiple objects and tools related to the culture of Lanzarote and agriculture. Outside this House Museum is located also called “Monument to Fertility,” a monumental sculpture dedicated to the island farmer and noted for its stunning geometric shape. The other outer areas in the building have folkloric exhibitions, sale of handicrafts, craft workshops.


Museum of Campesino


The museum is located in a traditional Lanzarote house and has two restaurants within the complex serving tapas and wines from Lanzarote. For people looking to have a proper meal the restaurants also serve Paella, and other fish and octopus dishes. You can also try some local cheese with mojo and wine.

Entrance : Free

Mon – Sun   10:00 to 18:00

Carretera Arrecife Tinajo,  35500 San Bartolomé

Tel.:  928520136


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