Museum And Art Galleries At Haria

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Aloe Plus Lanzarote


Aloe Vera is an important plant which grows across the Canary Islands. There are several health and beauty products which are based on Aloe Vera.

This museum shows plants & products of Aloe Vera. The focus of the museum is on Aloe products of Lanzarote.

You can also buy several products that you may choose to buy at the factory store.

Address:c/ El Cortijo, 2 – 35542 –Arrieta,  Haria


Hours: 10:00 a 18:00 horas


Museo de Arte Sacro de Haría


This is an historic church converted into a museum. In the 1950´s the roof of this church caved in. Several precious works of art and value were then guarded at private homes till the 1970´s when this building was restored. The church was closed in the 1990´s and converted in a museum of sacred heart. The chief amongst the works of art is a 17th century statue of Jesus Christ. Every Good Friday a procession is carried out with the statue on the streets of Haria.

Address:Plaza León y Castillo, s/n, Haria


Lanzaloe Museum

Lanzaloe - Aloe Vera

Lanzaloe – Aloe Vera


Lanzaole is actually Lanzaloe – Aloe Veraa company which owns one of the biggest Canary Aloe Vera plantations grown in the traditional fashion.

It manufactures its own range of ecological and cosmetic products, based on local Aloe vera plants.

The entrance is free. The company staff explain the process of cultivation right from plantation into product production of Aloe Vera products.

The landscape is quite scenic with the sea, mountain and the volcanic soil. You can also buy products at the factory store directly.


Lanzaloe Shop



A surprise is the Aloe Vera Liqueur and home made Sponge cake that you can taste from time to time at the factory store.

Open Daily :  11.00 to 17.00

Address:La Quemadita, 96-35541 – Órzola; Haria

Phone: 928 524 335



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