Mirador Del Rio

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The Mirador del Rio is located in the northern cape of the island, 479 meters above sea level and facing the northwest over the Risco de Famara. It was developed by the Lanzarote ´s famous artiste Cesar Manrique. It overlooks the islet of Graciosa.


Mirador de Rio

Work on this monument began in 1969. The main building was inaugurated two years later in 1971. The architect Eduardo Cáceres designed Mr Cesar Manrique´s visión and thoughts into reality. The artist Jesus Soto was also involved in the Project jointly. Cesar Manrique built in two big domes to give it the appearance of an observatory.


Mirador De Rio 1



At the entrance of the Mirador is a metal sculpture of wrought iron. It is half fish and half bird. It is a metaphor of two elements of nature that have strong presence in this landscape namely water and air. This main building is barely noticeable from the outside because it is subtly camouflaged under a heavy stone that blends with the environment. Once inside you enter through a winding corridor you will find some traditional pottery made by artise Juan Brito.


Mirador de Rio Symbol



From the mountain top you can get a wonderful view of the area comprising the Chinijo archipelago (islands of Graciosa, Montaña Clara , Alegranza, Roque del Este and Roque del Oeste). You also can see a view of the island of Lanzarote. The Mirador has several terraces and barring the roof is almost completely made of glass to give you a great view on a clear day.

In the 19th century this mountain top had artillery position to protect the island from the invaders. The island, was militarily used as a coastal defense battery unit during the Spanish – Cuban – American (Cuban war)

From the cafetería you can access the upper floor via a spiral staircase where you will find a soveniur shop and continuing up the staircase it leads to the roof terrace offering the best view of the surrounding area.


Isla de Graciosa (2)


If you observe carefully the structure´s perimeter railing is made of iron and wood giving the appearance of the bow of a ship. Symbolically, the island could become a ship sailing into the Atlantic Occean.

Mirador De Rio 3

Entrance Price: Adults: 4.50 Euros, children 7-12 years: 2.25 Euros

Hours: Daily from 10:00 h to 17:45 h

Bar Cafeteria : 10:00 h – 17:45 h

Summer hours (until 30 September): 10:00 h – 18:45 h

Summer Bar Cafe: 10:00 to 18:45 hours

Shop: 10:00 to 17:30 hours

During the summer months (July, August and September) are recommended individual visits in the afternoon due to the increased number of visitors.

Phone: (+34) 928 526 548

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