Los Jameos de Agua, Haria

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Los Jameos de Agua is amongst the most visited sites at Lanzarote. Located in the Northern part of the island, it is one of the key cultural centers visited by millions of vistors.  It is one of seven main centres of Art, Culture and Tourism of the Cabildo de Lanzarote.


Los Jameos De Agua


It is the first creation of the famous artist of Lanzarote, Cesar Manrique. The whole creation is a completely natural and artisitic theme developed by the artist  created almot completely from nature.  The Jameos are located in tunnels created by volcanic eruptions. Jameos del agua are located very close to the sea almost along the coast.  Los Jameos are formed by three openings in the ground (Jameos). the artist Jesus Soto, is the architect of the spectacular lighting he has also done the lighting for the Cueva de los verdes.

Los Jameos de Agua 1


Jameos Chicho (Small)

Jameos Grande (Big)

La Cazuela Jameo (Jameos of water) 

Los Jameos de Agua 2


You can see in this creation of Cesar Manrique a perfect harmony between nature and artistic creation.

The center first opened for public in 1966 however it underwent several improvements and by 1977 the auditorium was made ready. Another decade later by 1987 new facilities were developed to house a museum dedicated for the study of Volcanlogy. This museum is called the Casa de Volcan (House of volcanos)

This center is also a very important ecological spot. The Jameos has a unique Crab species which are blind. It is an extremely rare specpies and very sensitive to noise, light or even to rusted metal. They are so sensitive that any imbalance or rusted metal can kill them. It is thus strictly forbidden to throw coin in the water.

 The tour

 Just at the entrance is a small reception built completely with stone  with white walls and remains of the ribs of a boat. After crossing a small door, we descend a spiral staircase made of volcanic stone and wood entering the the “Jameo Chico”. In this space you will see the abundant vegetation and ornamental elements. The “Jameo Chico” is part of the first phase of the refurbishment of Jameos that is open since 1966. Originally the idea was to have a lounge with a marble dance floor.

 Inside the enclosure you will find a natural lake with unusually clear and transparent waters. This space preserves the structure shaped barrel vault volcanic tunnel itself with a hole in the top on sunny days, it projects a beam of light right into the water.

After this we find a foot bridge to cross the lake side and, after ascending through a wall garden we gain access to the Jameo Grande.

The ingenious artistic treatment of this area differs from the rest of the visit. This is a lush and exotic flowers garden where amazing vegetation of palms, cactus, and fig trees, surrounding a white pool of water deep blue in colour. The white enameled pool contrasts with the dark and rough rock making it look like a true oasis.

Los Jameos de Agua - Auditorium



When one walks further we find a spectacular auditorium within a volcanic cave.

In the summer months (July, August and September), due to increased influx of visitors, it is recommended that individual visits are made between  m (15:00 h to 18:00 h) to avoid crowds.

 Los Jameos de Agua 4

Entry Price:

Adult: 8,00 euros

Child: 4,00 euros (7-12 years)

Adult night: 9.00 EUR

Minors night: 4.50 eurs (7-12 years)



Daytime: 10:00 h to 18:30 h

Restaurant Hours : from 12:00 pm to 16:30 pm (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

Night (Tuesday and Saturday): From 19:00 to 24:00 h

Restaurant Night: (Friday and Saturday): From 19:30 to 23:00 h

Information / Reservations  Tel :  (+34) 928 848024

 For more details watch this Youtube Video


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