Lanzarote Wines, A Rich Tradition

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Lanzarote has a huge tradition of some great wines. Its wines are amongst the best in the world especially when it comes to the Dry, Semi Dry, Rose and Semi sweet wine variety.

The Wines which are made in Lanzarote once again have the “Excellent” tag after a short gap due to the drought of the previous year and poor grape production. The regulatory board sent a series of 7 professional tasters who tasted 27 varieties of several types of Lanzarote wines.

Lanzarote wines are always great but the production depends on the weather. Last year the weather conditions were ideal without any severe heat wave or disease. The result has been a bonanza production of great Malvasia Lanzarote wine. 1.4 Million kilos of the Malvasian variety was produced, 374,000 kilos of Black variety was produced.


Lanzarote Wines


Lanzarote has 1,738 registered wine varieties. 8,143 farm growers who plant in an area of over 1,800 hectares. 14 wine bottling companies would be producing over 1.6 Million wine bottles this year. The wine regulatory board will be issuing 1.6 Million “Excellent” wine variety tag.

Enjoy the great variety of Lanzarote wines always with your meal during your visit to Lanzarote or while at home or your favorite restaurant.




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