Ermita De Los Dolores, Tinajo

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Ermita De Los Dolores, Tinajo


The Shrine of La Ermita de Los Dolores, is located in the municipality of Tinajo Lanzarote: It is now a religious building whose architecture meets the guidelines of the temples located at the island.  Ermita de Los Dolores is the patron saint of not only the people of Tinajo, but also of La Graciosa and Lanzarote.

The hermitage is located in Mancha Blanca, in the municipality of Tinajo. The area was inhabited by pastoral people. Around  the year 1650 its inhabitants were under the domination of Ana Viciosa, the widow of Augustine Herrera, Governor of Lanzarote.

In early September 1730, volcanic eruptions began for a period of 6 years about Chimanfaya village, located near the mountains of the Ravens or La Lapa.

This church was made famous as the locals took refuge in this church and prayed for safety. Food was distributed to people for them to survive. The name Dolores means sorrow / pain and its relevance is to remind of the period of hardship the people underwent during the period of volcanic eruptions.

Around April 1, 1735 for the first time a procession of Our Lady of Dolores was taken out when the lava was getting closer. Later Pope Clement XII in 1735 granted permission of a special festival on 15th September.

Ermita de Los Dolores Festival


In the Founding Act has no decision to erect a chapel in honor of Los Dolores, but hold an annual party on Friday after Easter. It is necessary to remember that when you change after the date of conclusion of the festival, running to that currently exists in the month of September.


Interior of the chapel.


According to the word of mouth tradition records  show that the cross is now erected at the spot where the lava stopped. A chapel was built around this spot.that stood where the lava is marked with a cross, promising to raise a chapel here.

The altar of the chapel has a dome in gothic style.. The black volcanic stone door frames and windows, were used to build the church.

Regular prayers started  on July 31, 1824, at sunset. The people in the surrounding area are very devoted to the Sanctuary.

Currently there is a local project to convert this chapel into a large Basilica by the locals of the district of Tinajo.


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