Castillo (Castle) Of San Jose, Arrecife

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The Castle of San Jose, Arrecife lies to the north of the capital. It is one of the major Touristic attractions of the city. Situated between Muelle (Port) of the Marboles and Puerto Naos and its walls raise over a promontony from which it obtains a splendid view over the sea. This fortress, built on the orders of Carlos III in 1799, directly overlooks the entrance to the harbour and the town.


It was also called, The Castle of Hunger, beacause at the time of its construction the inhabitants of Lanzarote were undergoing severe hardship due to no work. The monarch, Carlos III ordered this fortification to give employment to the locals suffering due to the volcanic eruption at the island. as also to errect a protection against invaders. The project was supervised by the military engineer Alejandro de los Angeles, work began on the building in a corner of Puerto de Naos.


Castillo De San Jose




In modern times the local artist, César Manrique, converted part of the Castle into an art gallery, known as the Museum of International  Contemporary Art. (MIAC). One of the large halls is now used for concert recitals and cultural meetings.


castillo de san jose (3)



The museum was inaugurated on 8 December 1976. Exactly 200 years after 1776 when construction of this fortress had commensed.


Castillo De San Jose 1


It also house a lovely restaurant was also built and the area air conditioned.


The bar  is open daily from 10 – 20 hours. On Friday and Saturday they are also open from 21:30 hours to 01:00 hours with DJ and live music on the weekend.



The Restuarant is open : Tuesday to Thursday : 12 – 16 Hours

and on Friday & Saturday they open in the evenings too from 19:00 – 23:00 Hours.

It is a great place for a romantic evening out or even with the family.

For reservations call : Tel 928 812 321



Watch this Youtube Video on Castillo de San Jose (Castle of San Jose)





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