Air Travel Connections To and From Lanzarote

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For travel within Canary Islands two airlines rule the roost. Binter the market leader and Islas airline. They have several flights daily connecting travelers travelling from one island to another within the Canary Islands archipelago. All such flights are of short duration of less than 1 hour.

Binter has recently been expanding their routes to include some international travel routes such as connecting to Portugal, Morocco, West Sahara, Cabo Verde etc. Binter operates some 130 odd flights on a daily basis.

Binter Airlines

Islas airlines is operating locally within the Canary Islands only.

Apart from these two local airlines other national and international airlines also fly into and from Lanzarote. The key ones being Ryanair, Easy jet, Iberia, Air Europa, Vueling. Apart from these regular airlines there are several charter flights such as Thomas Cook, Condor, Air Berlin etc operating throughout the year connecting Lanzarote to all corners of Europe.

Long term local residents get a heafty discount of 40 – 50 % in travelling within the Canary Islands and to any place connecting them to Mainland Spain.  Generally speaking the queues are short and you can plan to be there 1 hour before to take any inter island flight.


For flights to mainland Spain being two hours earlier is however re-commended as counters may check in multiple location flights from the same counter.  Further invariably there could be a rush for people boarding the flights so last minute check in ´s should be avoided.

Lanzarote airport though small has all facilities that a modern airport can provide.  Last minute shopping at the airport could give you a chance to pick up some authentic souvenir for folks back home. Some of the items to take back are local wines, licors, aloe vera based items,  local handicrafts, cloth work and hand crafted wooden articles etc.

There is a wide choice of different kinds of restaurants and cafeterias for you to spend some time enjoying a typical Lanzarote, Spanish or even European meal.

One thing I can assure you is that the time at the airport will fly as there is so much to see and do making your experience enjoyable.

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